Class 3 FR Woven Summer Vest

Hook & Loop Front Closure, Tee-Shirt sleeve Silver Laurus FR Reflective Tape
  • SKU1616LFR3SY
  • Size:S - 5XL available, up to 64" chest size
  • Weight:5.3 oz/sq yd

Estex's Class 3 FR Woven Summer Vest is made of breathable and ultra-light 5.3 oz per square yard Modacrylic Woven Mesh, and is designed specifically for workers who may potentially be exposed to momentary electrical arc and related thermal hazards. This vest complies with fire retardant standards found in ASTM 1506 and with visibility standards found in ANSI 107-2010.

Performance of FR Polyester vs. our Woven Modacrylic during an arc flash:

Many of Estex's High Visibility safety vests are now available with the specially designed Laurus Reflective Stripping, a pattern which not only increases visibility with a more striking contrast, but also uses less reflective material, resulting in lighter weight safety garments. Contact Estex Today to find out about including Laurus Stripping on your next order of High Visibility Safety Products.

Ordering Information:

  • Small Size:-------#1616LFR3SY-S
  • Medium Size:----#1616LFR3SY-M
  • Large Size:------#1616LFR3SY-L
  • X-Large Size:----#1616LFR3SY-XL
  • 2X-Large Size:--#1616LFR3SY-2X
  • 3X-Large Size:--#1616LFR3SY-3X
  • 4X-Large Size:--#1616LFR3SY-4X
  • 5X-Large Size:--#1616LFR3SY-5X
6XL Size available as special order. Contact Estex for your Safety Vest needs.


Laurus Reflective Stripping is outstanding in any Hi-Vis application. Its intensely contrasting pattern lends itself to catching the human eye, even in less than ideal conditions, while requiring less reflective material and rendering the high visibility garment lighter-weight.

Silver Laurus FR Reflective Tape