Aerial Tool Board with Hook Holes, Made w/4-Pkt Leather Pouch, Canvas Pouch

Made w/4-Pkt Leather Pouch, Knife Sheath, and 2-Screwdriver/1-Hammer Loop, Canvas Pouch
  • SKU1829-BH-4
  • Size:16"W X 21"H X FLAT
  • Weight:4 lbs 8 oz

Estex has designed a series of tool boards made of .25-inch ABS Plastic with multiple pocket configurations to fit inside the bucket. They were designed to fit flat against the liner to minimize interference with line work yet maximize a linemen's ability to reach the necessary tools. This tool board is attached to the of the aerial bucket using standard polymer hooks.

2-Screwdriver/1-Hammer Loop, Canvas Pouch