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The largest market we serve is in the Power Utility, Gas Utility, Telecommunications, and Cable segments. We have twenty-two Manufacturer's Representative Sales Organizations that promotes our products and capabilities throughout the United States on a regional basis. In the United States, Estex is typically supported by 91 outside salesmen with a support staff of about 80 others. The customer at Estex is also supported by a distribution system that includes distribution wholesale, private dealers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Estex provides products based on its ability to fabricate heavy duty industrial textiles among other mediums such as plastic, nylon, and foam.

Estex has the ability and flexibility to serve the largest Investor Owned Utilities across the United States as well as the smallest two or three man Municipal Departments across the world. Estex Manufacturing produces some 5,000 different items each year from a half dozen units to thousands of multiple piece kits. Estex has vast experience with a variety of supply chain and other special contractual alliances designed to maximize product availability without our customer carrying the inventory expense. Estex also has design capability, utilizing the talents of two Georgia Tech graduates in textile engineering and is able to work with a wide variety of fabrics and tolerances.

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