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Estex Manufacturing is a solutions provider in the management of tools and safety products in the High Voltage Electric Power and Gas Utility markets, Telecommunications and Cable markets, Airline and Aerospace markets, Sports and Recreation markets, Government Services and a host of other smaller premium markets.

The largest market we serve is in the Power Utility, Gas Utility, Telecommunications, and Cable segments. We have twenty-two Manufacturer's Representative Sales Organizations that promote our products and capabilities throughout the United States on a regional basis. In the United States, Estex is typically supported by 91 outside salesmen with a support staff of about 80 others. The customer at Estex is also supported by a distribution system that includes distribution wholesale, private dealers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Estex has business relationships and sales support in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Denmark, Israel and in the Orient among many other worldwide locations.

The other parts of Estex's business is served directly. In the Airline and Aerospace market we support our customers concerns about the safety and comfort of the flying public from equipment construction to daily service. Likewise, in the Sports and Recreation and Government Services markets Estex is an innovative leader in the construction and design of a variety of industry directed products and projects.

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