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At Estex Manufacturing Company, Inc. our quality performance goal is zero defects. Our systems are ISO 9000 compatible and are also in compliance with Federal Aviation Agency regulations (for airline products). Both ISO and FAA requirements are applied, as appropriate, to all products manufactured at Estex.

There are two primary control documents:

1. Quality System Manual: This document provides the overall structure of the quality system and gives authority to the more detailed procedures.

2. Quality Assurance Procedures: These procedures communicate and control the supplemental steps in the quality system. They are organized to define responsibilities and detailed step by step instructions for execution of specific functions in the quality program.

The process begins with our sales and customer service personnel at order entry when orders are checked for the accuracy of part numbers, pricing, and shipping information. For new items, specifications are developed with the customer and this information is then transmitted to our engineering team for the creation of drawings, bills of materials and routing instructions for the production of the product. These documents already exist for all catalog items. Quality inspections are made throughout the manufacturing process by the supervisory personnel of each department. At the end of the production cycle there is a final inspection of the finished product before shipping. The entire quality inspection process is overseen by our Quality Control Manager who is also certified by the FAA as a Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative.

Many of our airline products are items for which we have Technical Standard Order authorization or Parts Manufacturing Authority. For these parts all FAA requirements for documentation of materials are followed and records kept. Our DMIR signs and sends the customer a Certificate of Conformance for all these items.



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