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ESTEX Manufacturing Company has the most sophisticated machinery of any company serving your industry in this category. In addition to the industrial grade sewing, grommet, rivet and stamping machines that we use, we have the most sophisticated fabric spreading and cutting equipment in our segment of the market.


Saber Fabric Spreading System


Our Saber System fabric spreader saves an enormous amount of time in spreading layers of fabric that then go to the cutting area. This allows us to prepare more layouts each day which translates into increased capacity for our cutting department.


Lectra Automated Cutting System


The next step in production after spreading is cutting. We have made a substantial investment into our Lectra System coputerized CAD/CAM system. This system allows us to optimize fabric utilization through electronic layout capabilities and automated cutting. Our output potential increased by a factor of ten with the installation of this system. Another benefit of this system is the accuracy of cutting which translates into a better fit on finished bags and increased sewing efficiency.

Estex Manufacturing Company is constantly striving to provide our customers with the benefits of the most current technology. You will find that our quality is second to none and that we have a significant capacity to fill your every need.



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