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Through years of working closely with the Utility industry Estex has developed an extensive product line to solve much of the tool handling and safety issues faced by today's linemen.
Harness, Rain Suit, Face Shield & Other Safety (PPE) Bags Product: 1 - 14 of 14
Rain Gear Storage Bag
Red Vinyl Nylon Laminate Fabric
SKU: 2510
Rain Gear Storage Bag
Yellow Vinyl Nylon Laminate
SKU: 2511
Rain Gear/First Aid Bag
Canvas With Drawstring Closure
SKU: 2512
Canvas Utility Bag
Round Bag, Zipper Closure With Flap Over Zipper
SKU: 2538
Gear Bag - Nylon Cordura 26" x 12" x 14"
Black Nylon Cordura, Zipper Opening
SKU: 2603-WC
Utility Bag
Yellow Vinyl Coated Nylon, Zipper Closure
SKU: 2609
Flash Suit Bag
Orange Vinyl Coated Nylon
SKU: 2609-121426
Canvas Utility Bag w/Vinyl Bottom - Blue
Canvas Body with Vinyl Reinforced Bottom
SKU: 2609-C-VB
Vinyl Utility Bag 12" X 30"
Yellow Vinyl Coated Nylon
SKU: 2180-PGE-3
Rain Gear Storage Bag
Blue Vinyl Nylon Laminate
SKU: 2500-1
Utility Bag
Blue Vinyl Coated Nylon, Zipper Closure
SKU: 2608
Canvas Harness Bag
Heavy weight canvas with zipper closure
SKU: 2608-C
Face Shield/Hard Hat Bag
Canvas, Hook & Loop Closure
SKU: 2682-PGE
Small All Purpose Tool Bag
Olive Drab Canvas with Zipper Closure
SKU: 9121
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Assurance Process
At Estex, our quality performance goal is zero defects. Through adherance to multiple control documents and utilizing an FAA certified Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative, we feel assured that you will always be satisfied.
Markets We Serve
We serve multiple markets, including Utilities, Airlines/Aerospace, and the Government. Not in one of these industries? No problem. Estex is always expanding its horizons and looks forward to meeting your design and manufacturing needs.



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