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Nut & Bolt Bag, Canvas
Quick Release Snaps
SKU: 1061-GSA
5140003152775 TOOL SATCHEL
OD Satchel Envelope Style w/inside pocket
SKU: 9101
5140-00-261-4994 Carrier Tool
Tool Carrier w/Canteen Snap Closure & Double Hook Belt Attachment
SKU: 9102
5140-650-7328 Tool Roll
Tool Roll has 6 Pockets Made of #8OD Cotton
SKU: 9103
7230-00-223-5574 Black Out/ DWY Curtain
18 oz Black NEO Nylon
SKU: 9105
5140-00-288-7763 Bag Linemans
Bag Linemans Tool Round w/ i/s Pocket
SKU: 9106
OD Tool Pouch w/6 Pockets
SKU: 9108
5140-00-322-6009 Tool Roll
Roll Tool & Accessories 11 Pocket w/ Strap & Buckle
SKU: 9109
5140-00-356-8471 Tool Roll
Tool Roll with 11 Pockets, Flap & Web/Buckle Closure
SKU: 9110
5140-00-293-2379 Tool Bag Satchel
Bag Tool Satchel Type III
SKU: 9111
5140-00-987-1179 Bag Tool SM.
Bag Tool Envelope Type
SKU: 9112
5140-00-650-1888 Tool Roll
Roll Tool & Accessories 5 Pockets W Strap &Buckel Closure
SKU: 9113
5140-00-712-4170 Tool Roll
Tool Roll Features 10 marked pockets, Ties and snap closure
SKU: 9114
5140-00-356-3891 Case For Tuning Fork
#10 OD Cotton Duck W/ Flap and Snap Closure
SKU: 9115
5140-00-315-2781 Tool Roll for Auger Bits
Tool Roll for Auger Bits, 16 Pockets w/web & buckle closure
SKU: 9117
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Assurance Process
At Estex, our quality performance goal is zero defects. Through adherance to multiple control documents and utilizing an FAA certified Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative, we feel assured that you will always be satisfied.
Markets We Serve
We serve multiple markets, including Utilities, Airlines/Aerospace, and the Government. Not in one of these industries? No problem. Estex is always expanding its horizons and looks forward to meeting your design and manufacturing needs.



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